Funding for coaching

There are a number of ways to fund your ADHD coaching and support services, from self-funding, through to employer sponsorship and the UK government Access to Work grant.

What is Access to Work?

If you are employed or self employed and have been diagnosed with ADHD, you can apply for the Access to work Funding. The Access to Work Scheme is a government initiative that provides financial support to people with disabilities or health conditions to help them start or continue working.

This government fund is designed to help you manage your work life better.

This spreadsheet lists the type of things you can ask for like apps, physical equipment software, subscriptions and more. Discover what Access To Work can provide for people with ADHD with instant access to lists and examples.

Some examples of what may be funded by Access to Work

  • Support Worker
    such as a Virtual Assistant who can assist with day to day administration and organisational challenges. 
  • Noise-cancelling Headphones
    To reduce sensory overwhelm from noise.
  • Voice-to-text software
    Supports working memory by decreasing cognitive load.
  • Mind mapping software
    This helps you process the information, understand it, and remember it.
  • Standing Desk and Under
    Desk Treadmill
    This list is not exhaustive

When you apply for Access to Work support, you fill in an application and if accepted, go through an assessment process where the support you receive is tailored to you.

Applying for ATW

The Process

Your application will be a priority if you are due to start work in the next 4 weeks.

If you are already working, it can take up to 12 weeks to get an assessment.

It will be allocated an ATW Case Manager.  Your Case Manager will contact you by the preferred method stated on your application to speak with you about what you need funding for.

If they deem your case to be straight forward they may sign off on accommodations during that conversation. However, if you are asking for several different accommodations to be funded they will likely send you for a 90-minute assessment with a third party company. This generally takes place virtually.

It is best to prepare for that meeting by noting down what you are requesting and the justification for it. The more specific you are about the support that you need and why, the more likely you will be able to receive that support.

If you are requesting ADHD Coaching, you will need to present your Case Manager and/or your Assessor with the 3 quotes you obtained from coaches you wish to work with.

Managing the ATW award

Access to Work generally operates on a reimbursement basis, so funding is not provided upfront but rather after the accommodations have been purchased. Reimbursement is claimed by submitting claim forms to Access to Work.

If you are covering the initial costs, you will need to complete the claim forms yourself. However, if your employer is the one making the initial payments, they will need to fill out the claim forms.

Reimbursement for each claim generally takes about 2 weeks.

Employer Funding

Equality and workplace accessibility legislation gives ADHD employees the right to support from their employer. Typically you will need to have a conversation with your HR department, which will draw upon its learning and development budget to support you.

Self Funding

You may want to self-fund your ADHD coaching fully or in the short-term whilst waiting for an Access to Work grant decision.  With our 12 Coaching Sessions module, the payment can be split into 3 invoices.

Through your business

The most successful entrepreneurs have always turned to coaching to improve their performance and grow their businesses. ADHD coaching is an essential resource for ADHD entrepreneurs and is a tax deductible expense so you pay less.

Immediate, so you can start coaching straight away.

No third-party involved in the decision.

The net fee for ADHD coaching and support is 75% of the invoice.