I have ADHD


I know I don’t fit the stereotypical image of someone with ADHD. I got good grades in school, and I have a successful career, but I suppose that’s what makes writing this feels important.

I got my diagnosis of ADHD, combined type, in Jan 2021. It was a rocky start to the year but overall, it was an overwhelmingly positive experience. Can you imagine what you’d think if an educated professional turned around and told you, “This is why you are the way you are.” Wouldn’t you be grateful?

I was ready to give it a label, and it made me feel more ok about myself and allowed me to lose some of the shame I didn’t even know that I carried around.

I felt good about the label as to me, it explained so much. It is as if someone has found the manual that goes with my brain and reading and understanding about my own ADHD has really helped me understand myself better.

While I haven’t told many people, I have told a few, and the most common question I get is, “Do you wish you had known sooner?” When I look back all I can see and appreciate is how I navigated my way through school and work, how and why I made certain decisions at times in my life, and I do so without feeling regret or blaming my parents. If anything, it tells me that my abilities are limitless.

I also feel positive because, when I look forward, there’s no need to fix anything. I’ll just find what works for me, and that’s ok.

As far as my life has gone, I have done well, but I know I have been hard on myself at times, so if anything, this diagnosis has given me permission to be kinder to myself. Here is where having ADHD and getting a diagnosis differs from not knowing that you have it. I’m simply able to allow myself to be …. Happier .

I hope that this opens up more conversations about neurodiversity. I’m certainly open to questions and discussions. What are your thoughts?

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